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Ms. Cassandre Calixte is an educator, a motivator and an inspiration to children and other teachers alike. Ms. Calixte decided to enter the world of education to inspire and impact the lives of students. Ms. Calixte began to pursue her teaching career by obtaining a degree from Kennesaw State University in 2011.  Ms. Calixte has been teaching now for six years and has taught 1st, 2nd, 4th, and 5th grade students. Ms. Calixte has consistently exceeded expectations by creating an inviting and creative learning environment that has resulted in improved test scores on standardized exams.

Ms. Calixte’s passion for teaching and impacting lives led her to a career in South Florida public schools. Seeing the disparities in the education system, Ms. Calixte began working in Title I schools where the student population was primarily from lower income families. Creating an impact where funds and resources were often limited proved to create a challenge.  A challenge she willingly accepted and remedied by seeking out and obtaining grants to fund after-school clubs and acquire other resources needed for students.

Ms. Calixte’s favorite part about teaching is creating an environment where students feel safe, comfortable, and where they feel excited about learning. Ms. Calixte takes pride in creating a beautiful classroom setting that engages students and encourages them to be willing participants in everyday class activities. With every new school year as well as throughout the year, Ms. Calixte establishes classroom standards and expectations with students.  In her classroom sharing and helping each other is the norm this, in turn, fosters learning in fun, interactive, and creative ways.

Ms. Calixte is currently pursuing a master’s degree at Ashford University in teaching and learning with technology, with an anticipated completion date of October 2018.

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